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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Soapy Sunday :: Update.

Oh boy!! Let me just say we had a MAJOR Soapy Sunday recurrence a bit ago! Joshua decided to help himself to an ice cream sandwich... not something we usually have in the house, so I didn't expect what would happen afterwards. Anyway, the Sensory Child that he is couldn't handle the chocolate that was stuck to his fingers when he was done. He is not one that can tolerate licking the leftovers from his fingers either, so he once again helped himself to the bathroom sink where he lathered, skipped the rinse, lathered again, and so on and so forth. LOL! Only this time it wasn't so funny. Mommy (me) didn't know he was trying to wash his hands again. So after what I imagine was a considerable amount of time, he came out to me crying his little eyes out, covered once again in thick white, sublock looking soap. This time it was mixed with chocolate goo and he had it all in his eyes!!! This silly independent child. :( My heart sank, and I rushed him right to the bathtub to clean him off and flush out his eye. I wasn't even sure how he managed to get his eye so caked with soap, but then he showed me how he was trying to wipe his nose with his arm... an arm completely lathered up with soap! Now I was freaking out because I already worry about his vision because of his ROP surgery, but the label on the soap didn't warn of anything scary so I calmed down quickly. But this is what I saw when I went into the master bath to look for the soap label!!!!

Notice how it's dripping down the counter top, and the mess he made! It was also all over the bathroom floor and cabinets and his crayon table chair. Hahaha. Ohhh, the life of a little explorer. :)

After flushing his eye, crying many tears, and giving many hugs, we finally calmed down and Josh started to get a bit better. His poor eye was sooo red though. We went into the Soapy Sunday bathroom to assess the situation. There was just so much soap everywhere. I didn't know where to begin the cleanup, so I asked Joshua,"What am I supposed to do with this?" And he said, "Get a napkin, Mom. Or a toilet paper." Haha. If only it were that simple. ;)

There was still some lingering tear dropplets in his eyes here, and his left eye was completely blood shot, but my crappy camera phone doesn't show it.

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