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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mr. Independence :: Soapy Sunday.

This morning was a very "cause and effect" type of morning. I walked into the bathroom and Joshua (a.k.a. Mr. Independence) was at the sink, on his blue crayola crayon chair, and he was - for lack of a better way to explain this - washing his hands. Mind you, he wasn't using any water. Hahaha. Yes, this was intentional. It wasn't because he didn't know you use water to wash your hands. It began because he didn't think he was strong enough to turn on the faucet. And then it spiraled into the grand idea of spreading soap all over his hands, forearms and even up passed his elbows to his biceps. He lathered and lathered and lathered the soap, squirting continuous rounds of Black Raspberry & Vanilla Softsoap into his hands and repeating. The stuff got to be so thick it was just a solid layer of thick, white paste. LOL!! When I came into the bathroom he told me, with quite an expression of excitement, "Look, Mom, it's like sunblock! I'm going to the beach!" Hahahahahaha. I'm dying right now. It's hard to be mad at kid who was really just performing his own early morning science experiment. Especially when his enthusiasm is so precious. But he surely didn't anticipate the cleaning aspect of his project. I had to tug the entirety of both of his arms, almost to his shoulders, under the faucet water to clean this stuff off. And with his Sensory Processing issues, the conclusion to this fun time wasn't as great as he had thought it would be. Poor kid. LOL.

(I wish I had an empty camera chip to capture this on picture, but I didn't. :( That's what you get when you are an image hoarder and just can't bear to dispose of a single picture.)

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