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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We just found out tonight that Joshua has pneumonia, for the first time ever. We've truly tried our best to help him avoid this for the past three years. We assume it was bound to happen at some point (just wish it didn't have too). We know his little lungs still have remaining lung disease, but hopefully they have had time to grow and heal enough to fight this off right away.

So far, it's been six complete days that he has been sick with a fever and significant cough. This is a much "different" cough than he has ever had before. Supposedly there is a crackling in the base of his lungs and he sounds like my aunt who has asthma, lol (not actually funny, but gotta make light of the situation right?). He's been on antibiotics and they don't seem to be helping so tonight his doctor switched him to a different, broader spectrum, antibiotic to hopefully combat this. Tomorrow will be his seventh full day with temps up to 103 degrees, but they are managable with tylenol/motrin. The whites of his eyes turned bloodshot red days ago. The poor little guy is a trooper. He is so strong.

Last night was pretty rough and neither I or Josh have slept much since Thursday. We are praying tonight that this second medication does the job it's supposed to and that he can avoid hospitalization at all costs!

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