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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mail Man...

I have tons to post from 2010's end, but before I do that I wanted to jot down a couple cute things Josh has been up to lately. He is obsessed with presents and the mail man. He learned what the mail man was a while back, but this Christmas really reinforced that concept, lol. Nick and I are online shopper's, so literally, every day, there was something (either ordered or a gift) waiting for us at the door. Joshua caught on to this and now, to him, the mail man is someone who brings you presents to your door. This has been kind of funny. He is so cute when he says, "Mail man bring presents." Of course it sounds more like, "Ah-may man peasant."

Recently I had to send something out so I took Josh with me to the UPS store. I handed our box to the guy behind the counter and he taped it up. Josh had a real difficult time leaving our "present" with the man, lol. All he could talk about the rest of the day was the mail man and our present. He thought the mail man was going to bring it back to us at our house. He waited for day, always expecting it to be returned to us. He kept asking me where the mail man was with our present and when it was going to get here. The poor kid.

Yesterday, Josh was watching Toy Story 2 and there is a part where one of the characters rings someone's doorbell at their arrival. Joshua was adamant this was our doorbell ringing. All he could think was that the mail man was at our house with our present. It was hilarious but sad too because I couldn't get him to understand that it was just the movie. I even replayed the thing over and over and tried to help him see. But it didn't work. He was hysterical with enthusiasm and anticipation to go open our door and find the mail man. I felt so bad for him. Needless to say, I had to get his mind on something else.

P.S. Josh is really sick this week, and he conned my parents into getting him a present for being sick. Go figure, lol. When I told them this story they decided to send the present to him in the mail. So, in three sleeps, his dreams will come true. The mail man will bring his present to the door! :)

This is Joshua's "no more presents" face, lol.
Click to enlarge.

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