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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Loving school again...

Josh is back to loving school again. His first 4 days were this way too. Then we went 5 days with uncertainty (just about broke my heart, lol). Every single one of those mornings I had to let Joshua pick out the Mickey Mouse sticker of his choice. We would stick it right on the top of one of his hands. He thought it was so exciting! And this very much relaxed him going to school. The greatest part was, he would come home after the long 6 hours and the sticker would still be neatly stuck in the same place.

Today, after 4 days off from school (Friday he stays home for therapy & Monday was Labor Day), he was actually excited to go back. He was actually standing at the door telling me to hurry before we left. Then, when we were getting out of the car I realized we forgot to pick out a Mickey (mee-la in Joshua speak) sticker. I didn't draw attention to it of course and he didn't even notice. He hopped along the sidewalk to school and happily went with his teacher when we got to the drop off ramp. I looked back and he had a big smile on his face as he was climbing up on the bench to sit next to the other kids in his grade.

Let's hope this sticks. Hopefully he is adjusted now and will continue to love school. My refrigerator is growing artwork as we speak! It's way too cute!!

This is Joshua's "no more presents" face, lol

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