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Friday, August 27, 2010

First Week in a Nutshell...

Joshua's first week of school was great. At least I think it was, lol. He absolutely LOVED it. He is up and eager to start the day at 6:30am without protest. Our community has a special gate to access the school so we park at the clubhouse and walk the rest of the way to his classroom. It is really nice. Josh holds my hand and is always excited to be going to "toowl" lol. That is, with the exception of today.

Today for some reason, as we were walking up, he was telling me "home". He wasn't adamant, so I tried to ignore it and let it go. When we got to the classroom though, his teacher took is hand and he looked at me with the most pitiful face and let out a truly crushed and uninhibited cry.
 It was heartbreaking. He looked as if he knew he wasn't supposed to be crying so he was trying to hold it back. He started wiping the tears and I was about to grab him up and take him home! It was a short day for him today because of therapy, and he seemed to be okay after a couple minutes so I left him.

Every day when I pick him up he looks like he just got up from a nap. I think he is so wiped out that it takes him a little bit to come back to life, lol. But, every day, he is excited to tell me about what he did at school. He says, "Bye toowl," and then I start asking him about everything he did. I ask him if he had fun and he always says uh-huh really exclamatory. He does the same thing with all the fun things I ask him about school.

When we get home I make him eat really good because he has such a hard time eating when he is outside his own environment. So while he is in his high chair I read through his notebook that the teacher makes notes in and sends home to the parents. It tells me everything they did that day. He has already worked on his number, letters, music and movement, art etc. He actually naps for them there! I was amazed, as was Nick! He played with cars a couple days and at the water tables. He played on the playground and saw his two cousins. It's been a busy week.

His teacher and the teachers assistant are awesome! They are so sweet and so understanding. The communication is wonderful. The first day I was already nerve free. Coincidentally, they both live in our same development. His teacher just finished her masters and insisted on coming to Joshua's school because of what a great ESE program it has established. She is very confident in their collaboration and program as a whole. That is encouraging.

The very first day of school, during music and movement, Joshua banged heads with another kid. He came home with this huge, yellow, bruised egg on his forehead. Poor guy. My instant reaction was that he is never going back! HaHa! But that's just how I roll, all irrational and stuff :)

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  1. Oh, so glad it went good! I hope next week is just as good with the exception of Friday and the bump on the head!