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Friday, July 9, 2010

Mom's First Haircut...

My sister, who happens to be a cosmetologist, always cuts Joshua's hair. Recently, however, we've been having trouble finding a time when all the pieces fall into place and she can do it. So, Monday, after watching Joshua repeatedly push his hair out of his eyes, I pulled one of my crazy Melanie moves and got out my scissors. We are talking the kind with the yellow/orange handle, lol!! Anyway, the last time I attempted to trim his bangs I completely butchered them. It was embarrassing! But this time I thought I could do it... don't ask me why. Of course my sisters pattern was still there, I just tried to trim up the bangs, along his ears and the back. I wish I had a picture of just before this haircut. His hair has never been so long, truly.

For being my first full haircut, I think it came out okay. He still looks a little silly though. Nick said he looked like a bowl head, lol. And if you see him in person he often looks like Jim Carrey in the movie Dumb and Dumber hahaha! Poor child :)
Front & Back
Don't mind the juice mustache, lol, he was eating.

Late Father's Day Post...

I wanted to document this picture. I plan to print all my posts out one day and turn them into a journal or something to that effect. This is the Father's Day gift Joshua made for Nick. He had SO much fun making it. We happened to get a little speck of paint in the bathroom that I didn't catch the day we made it. Yesterday, Joshua noticed it and pointed to it, telling me "hannie." He was very excited because he remembered, just by this miniscule dot of paint, how much fun it was to paint with your hands and feet. Now that is a sensory accomplishment if I must say so myself!

Joshua's Beautiful Artwork!
this now hangs on our fridge and probably will never come down

A little glitter, a little paint, a little marker, a little crayon & a LOT of fun!

Father's Day
June 20, 2010
Nick's 4th year of celebration

Friday, July 2, 2010

Inspiration for us warriors...

I made another new friend, Jules , in the preemie mom community. Take a look at her blog here. I had to pass around a short, inspirational video that she recently posted on her site.

Even with the challenges, every day I get to be with Joshua is a good day! I certainly know I could have been dealt a much more heartbreaking fate. But the day I get to look at him all grown up, no health problems, developmental challenges, setbacks or obstacles to think of, now that will be a great day!!

Here are the pictures and article from the People Magazine feature.

When miracle babies grow up!
Click here for original article.

Sidenote: This was Joshua. 1 lb, 7 oz dropping to 1 lb, 4 oz after birth. The first thing the nurse practitioner said to Nick while running Joshua down the hall to the NICU as they were manually bagging him was, "It's a 50/50 chance."