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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Well, heart study is a go...

Yikes! Let the nerves roll out of my hands and into God's please! Ha ha... I just spent the last hour (plus) on the phone with, I think, seven different people regarding Joshua's upcoming surgeries. My head is literally spinning, lol. Anxiety is flooding my stomach and I feel a bit sweaty. I went back and forth between the hospital coordinator, ENT nurse, ENT scheduler, Cardiology Nurse, Cardiology Scheduler, to even the Cardiologist himself! Okay, that's only six people, but I'm sure I'm forgetting someone ;) Anyway, last week we decided to hold off on the heart contrast study for another couple years. Nick and I have been very apprehensive about this procedure, and the cardio nurse said the doctor agreed it would be ok to wait. But today, the situation is different. After speaking directly over the phone, the Cardiologist and Nick and I feel it is best to go ahead with it now. Of course the Cardiologist is coordinating this procedure with the ENT so we are killing 2 huge birds with one stone... hopefully! Surgery, of any kind, sucks and I wish these darn things would end. I keep thinking of the day we will be able to wake up in the morning and smile about the fact there are no health concerns, feeding, speech and development issues or surgery procedures to worry about. Gosh that day can't come any sooner! For now we just keep holding our breath and praying for the successful and blessed outcomes we keep receiving. We are so fortunate, I just wish that made these things easier. The new date will be June 22nd because the cardiologist wanted to be the one to do the procedure himself. Not the on call person. That is something that makes up very comfortable. We could not ask for better caretakers!

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