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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Still aspirating...

We went for a swallow OPMS study today. Yes, on Joshua's 3rd birthday! This is actually not the first year we've spent his birthday in a medical center. We did so last year as well. There are just so many doctors, therapists, studies and exams and there are often slim pickings when it comes to days and times of scheduling them. So we take what we can get. Today's morning was spent in the radiology department of Joshua's specialist hospital. We love it there! If you live a great deal of your life in these settings, there is no better hands to be in than those of the health care professionals of this hospital. It is truly the most serene environment for the kids and their mama's and papa's! This pic is of Joshua today with his hospital bracelet on :)

Anyway, off subject again... his swallow study went well today. We were successful in getting him to drink the liquids he needed to! We brought Dora and Cars cups from the party last night for him to drink from and the SLP added Strawberry Nestle Quick to the barium contrast. This significantly aided the ease of the procedure. But, he is still aspirating of course. Nick and I were both hoping that he was going to show that he has improved, but that wasn't the case. I always get that gut wrenching/sinking feeling in my stomach when I hear the radiologist pause and scream out... "bla bla bla ASPIRATION" lol. I just want to yell out the D word. Like she just crushed down my last ray of hope... "No, there is nothing wrong with my son you liar!" But that would be the irrational/human side of me coming to the surface. So I remain calm, introverted with my feelings and continue on as the supportive and strong mother people see me as. If they could only catch a glimpse of my heart and my mind.

The good news is that he has not worsened!! He is still on a moderatley low amount of thickening and he tolerates it. The situation could be much worse. I hold on to that fact and thank God that while we have to deal with daily stuggles and complications, we are blessed to not be dealt even more difficult cards. All in all it was a good morning/afternoon birthday. Josh spent it happy, healthy and entertained. He ran the halls of the hospital with his Buzz Lightyear flip flops, played the lobby piano, watched some Disney, colored, had his picutre taken and played some more! I don't think the kid minded... not too shabby!

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