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Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Memories Cont'd...

This memory is something I thank God about. I don't often remember that this happened because I was becoming increasingly ill at this time. However, for some reason, it popped into my mind as I was thinking of being in the hospital. When I was first admitted with Preeclampsia, I went directly to the local birth place. They started all kinds of junk on me... IV's, catheter's, steroid shots, magnisium sulfate (can I say YUCK!?) ect. When we realized Joshua was going to be born very soon after this I requested being transferred to a hospital that is one county up from mine. It houses a level 3 neonatal intensive care, which we were told Joshua would undoubtedly need. Rather than medflighting Joshua over there after birth, I wanted to already be there for delivery so he wouldn't have to take on that extra stress of transport. So, my doctor came in and spent the 2 hours plus that it took to sign me over to another hospital and they sent a ground transport ambulance to get me. I was getting sicker and sicker and feeling absolutely horrible at this time. The last thing I wanted to do was go to this hospital all alone. I was scared, I literally thought I was going to die and I had no idea what was ahead. The EMT/paramedic crew told us that Nick wasn't allowed to come with me on the ride and that I had to go alone. My worst fear! So we started begging them, lol. One of the men on the crew ended up realizing that we were 911 dispatchers and that we've actually communicated over the radio before. It wasn't long after when he decided there was no way he was letting me go by myself when I was that nervous. They got me on a stretcher, shoved me into the tiniest ambulance I've ever seen and Nick climbed in behind me. That was the longest drive of my life. I had to lay on my side the whole time (with IV's, magnesium and a catheter) and try not to vomit every time the bus bounced around. When I think about this, I remember a feeling of not being able to see out of my own eyes. I can still fuzzily picture the huge atrium of the hospital and remember thinking it looked more like a hotel. I thank God that the crew was so nice to me and that Nick was allowed to take the plunge into uncertaintly with me! I can honestly say that was one benefit of the job ;)

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