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Friday, May 14, 2010

The innocence of a child...

Josh and I were driving to therapy today and there was this billboard of a saluting marine on the side of the road. As soon as he saw this he started saying, "All Aboard." This is how he refers to The Polar Express movie and he holds his hand up to his mouth like he is shouting it. It happened to be his absolute favorite movie from November of 2009 through February of 2010. This span was only so short because I took the stinking movie away and put it in safe keeping so that he will know this as a special Christmas movie and yearly tradition in our home. I know, I am a mean mom :) Anyway, Joshua's innocence dawned on me when I saw him pointing to the marine in uniform and realized he was thinking it was that of a conductor. Well, duh Melanie. He doesn't know of evil, harm, fighting, death, destruction or war. So how could he recognize a marine then? These are the thoughts I was thinking to myself. I just found this to be absolutely precious and I wanted to tack it down as another memory I can read about in 20 years. This is how nutty I have become... On the way back from therapy, I found the billboard again and cut a u-ee to snap a pic of it. Take a look. A permanent snapshot of a moment in time.

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