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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hannie's and Bobbie's...

Joshua has recently been adding an ie to the end of a couple of his words. It is so adorable. Of course I would love to keep hearing him say the words like this, but I have to try so hard to make him correct them. Damn speech delay! :) Anyway, when he says "hand" or "Bob" he adds the ie. So they come out sounding like hannie and Bobbie.
He just learned how to say hand because I was tracing his hand on this magnet doodler that he has. He loves this! He wants me to draw his hand 90% of the day. It's hilarious. He has even started to call me by name through this desire. I have found him screaming "mom" at me lately and when I look at him he has his big magnet board in his hand and he proceeds to yell "hannie" lol. Too cute for words. Wish I had it on video.
The name Bobbie originated from Sponge Bob the Nickelodeon character. I really despise this show and I used to say I would never let my child watch it. I have a sister who is 14 years younger than me so I've seen and heard alot of Sponge Bob in my day. However, just recently again, Joshua has been showing an interest in this show as I am changing through channels. It's not the show itself, just the actual drawing of the character Sponge Bob. So, I told him, "that's Sponge Bob." Well then he went ahead and said "Bob!" So how could I not get excited about that? Since then I have been showing him bits and pieces of the show. His interest is never longer than about 5 minutes so I am not worried about corruption just yet :) He does recognize him in stores and everything now though. I guess that will be neat when we take him to the Nick Hotel one day.

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