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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dirty Feet...

A sensory child comes with little quirks most parents wouldn't find very amusing. I on the other hand, being a sensory mother, can find a sort of joy in the most filthy, disgusting dirt covered playground feet! Tonight I took Josh to the park. He happened to have his crocs on because this wasn't a planned event. It worked to our advantage however. Halfway through our time there he kicked his shoes off and started running around the whole place barefoot. I would normally hate this, but we are working on getting through some of his tactile defenses and this was a perfect opportunity for practice. The playground is covered with chunks of recycled, cut up rubber tires. I knew it would be a challenge for him to touch this with his feet so I let him go for it. It's not everday that he is willing to do something like this. At first he was a bit uncomfortable, but he was having so much fun he worked right through it. He had a blast and I loved seeing him tackle this sensory difficulty while having so much fun. When we got home his feet were blacker than black. These pictures don't do them justice! I never knew I could love dirty feet so much. They are my favorite.

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