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Friday, April 16, 2010

Patience is a virtue...

I like this blog title because it is so true for Joshua and it has defintely been showing in him lately. We recently had to take him to the podiatrist because of what I thought was a possible plantars wart. I noticed this right after we brought him home from the NICU in Nov. of 2007, but I really didn't think it was any concern. The spot was just one of two little scar dots on one of his heels from all of the heel sticks he had to have while in the hospital. This one started changing though. It was becoming more and more callassed. Well it continued to grow and grow. Just his year it started to bug him. I'm pretty sure it was more of an annoyance because he recognized it was there and he couldn't remove it himself. So he was picking and picking at it. He kept asking me to help him get it off, ha ha!! It was cute and funny. The more he picked at it the more it started looking like a plantars wart. So that is how we ended up at the foot doctor. It was too large for his pediatrician to remove.

When we got to the foot lady (btw she was totally awesome) he was such a good boy! I had more anxiety than him and dad combined. For some reason there is something frightening to me about needing something surgically dug out of your foot. But Joshua was a gem! She gets out this scalpal looking instrument and starts cutting his heel away and he just sat there and watched her. He was so curious as to what she was doing. He didn't move his leg or foot at all. She didn't have to use any kind of local anesthetic or anything either. He just let her keep digging deeper and deeper. He actually wanted to help her and kept nodding her with his forehead over and over. The head nod is something his Nannu taught him. They use this gesture as a replacement for hugs or kisses, so it is that same concept to Josh. He is awfully sweet most of the time. Nick and I were cracking up and so was the doctor.

So the foot lady concluded that she does not think this spot is actually a plantars wart. She thinks its a cyst that formed in one of those scar tissue areas. She actually got down deep enough to see some cyst fluid, as well as blood. The plan now is to watch the area, see if it gives Joshua any problems and go from there. She is thinking we will only need to remove it completely if it becomes too painful or starts hindering him in any way. Good news!

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