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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Little Einsteins play along...

Today while Nick was sleeping I brought Joshua into the bedroom to rest and possibly nap. I usually turn the tv on at this time and today it happened to be The Little Einsteins that was on the Disney channel. Joshua made himself comfortable and after a little while I realized he was doing (with gestures) what the Einstein characters were telling the audience to do. In order to help their rocket ship gain more altitude they tell the kids watching to pat their knees, so Joshua did. Then they ask you to pat your knees even faster and Joshua did that too. Then they say, "now raise your hands as high as you can," or something to that effect, and Joshua followed along. This supposedly helps the rocket ship blast off. It was so cute. I caught him doing this the other day, but today he had it down pat. He is turning into such a kid.

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