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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Dentist Appointment...

Joshua had his first dentist appointment today!! We weren't sure how it would turn out because of his oral defensiveness, but he was a trooper yet again! Joshua's new pediatrician is proving to be so wonderful. She has referred us to a couple great doctors, this dentist being one of them. The office was amazing. The nurses were great! And the dentist herself was excellent. Because of Joshua's sensory history, they had me lay in the chair and then actually lay him ontop of me. They put some little yellow sunglasses on him and he watched The Incredibles on a flat screen mounted to the ceiling as they brushed his teeth and cleaned/scraped them real good. It is a miracle that he let them do this!!! It wasn't as easy as I make it sound, but with a little effort on all our parts the mission was pretty much accomplished.

Conslusion of the visit: NO CAVITY!!! She also said his teeth look really good given everything he has been through. We found out his enamel is great. I was concerned about a possible deficiency, but that is not the case. It is just discolored, making his teeth appear yellow (which we knew already because of the multitude of antibiotics and medications he received while his teeth were still developing as a preemie). The transparent look of his bottom teeth is strictly build up. They were able to scrape it right off! She was happy with the way we have been able to brush Joshua's teeth and said we are doing the best we can so that is wonderful. So far we have only been successful in brushing with the finger tip brush designed for newborn/baby gums.

Overall, it went great. No laughing gas, no bad news, and very little discomfort. We will apply a perscription flouride every 3 months as directed for extra support of his fragile teeth and follow up every 6 months. There is no telling how his adult teeth will come in. She reassured us though that at most he will need minor cosmetic treatment (i.e. teeth whitening) if he chooses when he is older. It was a good day!

Our little trooper this evening:

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