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Friday, April 16, 2010

CT Scans, X-Rays and Heart Contrast Studies...

I will just start by saying we had an extremely eventful week! We have been jam packed with doctors appointments for Joshua. He has a lot going on and will be having two upcoming surgeries. I barely want to think about it, ha ha... no, seriously! It just makes my stomach hurt. Anyway, this was intended to be a positive blog posting so let me start again. Joshua is incredible! He is becoming quite the little trooper when it comes to doctors visits and procedures. He just had a CT Scan of the brain and was just an angel. He didn't need sedation at all and he even surprised the technician. He didn't move a muscle. The scan was just routine. Joshua's neurologist wanted to get another look at the generally benign cysts he had in his brain while in the NICU. The first ultrasound he ever had showed one cyst, and the second ultrasound showed two cysts, both of which had grown. So the neuro just likes to keep an eye on them to see if they are growing, shrinking or disappeared all together. We will be getting the report on that shortly.

To top that off, Joshua had another chest x-ray this week and was a great sport as well. He is very curious about all of this. It's cute. Mom and dad had to hold him real tight up against the x-ray board because he kept wanting to turn and look at the light on the machine. He is probably going to be just like his daddy and love the health field.

Least, but not last (yes I meant to write it that way because tons has happened this week), Josh saw his cardiologist this week because his lips and mouth have been turning blue lately when he cries. We've known that this is something to watch for because of his lung disease, however, it is just now a new occurance. So we were referred back to the cardiologist so that he could rule out it being a problem from the heart PDA ligation he had in NICU. We also needed the cardio to clear him for his upcoming ENT surgery. To make a long story short, we left there extremely pleased and comfortable. The cardio wants to do a contrast heart study to make sure the red and blue blood is shunting correctly. He was going to wait and do this later on, if absolutely needed, because it is a procedure that requires anesthesia. After telling him about the upcoming surgery though for ENT, he was excited to make sure he got in at that opportunity to do this scan at the same time! So we will correclate those two procedures, which is like the best news we could get!

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