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Friday, April 16, 2010

Cranial Manipulation...

Dr. Sue is amazing! God is truly working through her right now!! For the last month or so, she has been doing cranial manipulations on Joshua. She told me that she learned a technique ten years ago to use on a patient of hers that was in a motorcycle accident and lost much of his speaking ability. The technique was designed to manipulate the cranial bones so that she could shunt the cerebrospinal fluid (with her hands via massage) into the correct speaking channels of the brain. Nick and I both thought this sounded a little bizarre. We had never heard of anything like that before and certainly didn't think someone's fingertips could possibly do that. Well, to our complete surprise, while she was manipulating him during his first visit for this, Joshua started speaking to me in a way he has never before! He was actually communicating with me and he even said two new words while she was working on him. She has worked with this technique on him three times already and Nick and I can tell you our child is a different boy! He can use words, he can communicate verbally, and he is really trying to fine tune his pronunciations. He has miles and miles to go yet, but this start is truly another miracle.

I will say it again, Dr. Sue is wonderful. We are so fortunate to have found her. She was referred to us by an aquaintance of my mothers immediately after Josh was discharged from the NICU. She would drive to our home in Bonita every Saturday to work on his liver and also to reshape his skull so that it was rounded again instead of flat on the sides. She was able to clear his liver damage and horrible billirubin levels up without the need of any more medications! His head is now beautifully shaped as well, and he is starting to talk! God gave her a remarkable gift and she is eager and ready to share it. We owe her a lot of heartfelt thanks!

By the way, it was after his second visit for this technique that he started to say "I Love You."

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  1. I'm speechless after navigating through your blog for the first time~ Your son is such a miracle! He was so tiny! It sounds like your pregnancy with him was very scary and what a blessing that the both of you survived...