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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Can one avoid or simply "manage" Preeclampsia?

This is a good question... My husband and I both greatly want to experience life with two children, and even more, a full term pregnancy with no complications or critical health issues (for mother or baby). However, with that said, I am petrified to have another! I have been since the day they told me I was being admitted at 26 weeks and that my baby would be delivered in less than a week after that.

Anyway, I was just snooping around online as usual looking through information on this nasty disease, Pre-E, and I came across something interesting. Supposedly, there are some supplements you can take to avoid getting, or manage already existing, Preeclampsia. I wanted to share this site with the blog world because I know there are a lot of mothers who have gone through the nightmare of Preeclampsia. As much as I do believe in holistic and natural remedies, I just don't know if this eases my worries at all. I think it is definitely worth a try though :)

Herbal Remedies for Preeclampsia Here


  1. I know a lady through blogging land that had twins at 20 weeks due to pre-e and just recently gave birth to a full-term baby boy in March of this year...so, it is possible to have pre-e in one pregnancy and go on to have a full-term pregnancy. Her blog is www.littlebluebirdsfly.blogspot.com I know she would be willing to answer any question that you have! Good luck!

  2. Hi - thanks for finding my blog. I have been searching through yours - you and Joshua have an amazing story, and I am very glad I found your blog! Even though Logan was not near as early as Joshua, she faces a few simialr problems. It is hard, and not understood by most. Joshua is too cute and I am sure he is a little fighter!