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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Joshua did the strangest thing today. Nick and I have noticed in the past that he seems to remember the NICU. We only noticed this because we were going through a bunch of old home videos and literally every time a clip of the NICU came on Joshua would start to cry. Well today, I was going to change his diaper on his bedroom floor. The way I happened to lay him down was directly in view of a matted picture of us with him in the NICU. It was actually the picture and matted frame that was at my baby shower and everyone there signed it. Anyway, I was going about my business and Joshua was saying, "ouch." He said it a couple times and he was also pointing. So I looked behind me and he was pointing to this picture on the wall. I thought it could not be possible that he was remembering that setting and that it was painful. So I told him to show me what he meant. He then climbed up on his bead to get closer to this picture and stood on his tippy toes to point to it. Then he told me, "broke," over and over. I was beside myself. Joshua typically uses the word broke for a range of things including pain, accident, broken, taken-apart, and disturbed, etc. I could not believe it and just wanted to hug my sweet and smart kid! :)

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