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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First Flu...

Joshua had his first vomiting flu today. He woke up as usual and we had breakfast. He really didn't want to eat though. It was definiely a challenge. Then, we were in the car driving to view a rental property and he started to look very lethargic. He also was complaining and pointing to his mouth. It crossed my mind that he may be feeling sick, but then again, he didn't have a fever and I figured he may just be having some mild reflux. It's a good thing I did notice this out of the ordinary behavior though, because it saved me from a great embarrassement! While we were inside the rental property, Joshua came up to me whining and wanted me to pick him up. This struck me as odd too because he is usually very independent and never wants to be held. So I picked him up and less than 2 minutes later he started getting the barf look on his face, lol. I knew immediately that he was going to throw up. I ran as fast as I could out the front door and the second my feet him the porch he let it go. I still had to make it down two flights of stairs as he kept on vomiting and vomiting. By the time we reached the car we were both covered in it from chest to knees. His little Nike's were even ruined. I felt so bad for him because this is the first time he has vomited from a sickness. I had always wondered what it was going to be like and now I knew. We ended up going home right away, but we had a 30 minute drive. Of course the car ride didn't help any and he continued vomiting the whole way. It was so bad we literally had to throw his car seat away. When we did get home Joshua snuggled with me and was so sweet. Every time he needed to vomit again he would sit up and look for the bowl. He was such a good sport. When his stomach settled a little bit he was able to fall soundly asleep and he slept for about 5 hours. Talk about resiliency... when he woke up, he acted as if it had never happened and he was back to being his active and excited 2 year old self.

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