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Thursday, January 14, 2010

My "Cars" Junkie...

Joshua is such a boy! The first time I showed him Disney Pixar's Cars The Movie he fell in love. For the last two months all he wants to do is watch and play with Cars (he calls them "gung-gungs"). He literally wakes up in the morning and asks me to turn this cartoon on. He gets the remote control, brings it to me and says "gung-gung"! It's hilarious. Goodbye Imagination Movers and Polar Express, Joshua's a Cars boy now! Most parents would frown upon letting their children watch television whenever they want, but for some reason, for Joshua, he has learned so much from the movies he has attached himself to. He picks up comprehension and even words from these shows. It's very amazing. He is so smart that he understands when a joke is made and he actually laughs too. Tonight, we were relaxing in bed because he is still sick and he wanted to watch Cars. There is a part when the Mack truck, named "Mack," falls asleep and loses the race car Lightning McQueen from his trailer. When Lightning was speeding around trying to find Mack Joshua was acting it out as well. He kept screaming... "Maaack" and raising his hands in the air as to gesture a where is he question. Also, when the songs he likes begin to play in the movie he either dances or does a little shake of his feet or head. It is precious! It is truly remarkable watching him develop in this way! It brings the greatest joy, relief and happiness to my heart.

This is a video I put together of Joshua playing with his "Cars" and some other things in his new playroom!

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