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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mom's a nerd...

As I was going along with our day today something struck me that I wanted to make sure I document. Even though Joshua can't really converse back, I am always talking to him. Pretty much everything I do, I verbalize though it. What I realized today is, sometimes the things I say are a bit nutty, lol. I don't know what happened to me when we brought him home from the hospital, but it was clearly something! Literally the night we got home, this horrible, baby squealing voice emerged from my body. It was powerful. So much so that most times it was uncontrollable. Everything I would say to him was high pitched and squeaky. I imagine this lasted so long because he actually loved it. When he was a baby-baby, it would get him all riled up and excited. He would goo, smile and kick his feet all over the place with enthusiasm. Eventually, as he got older, my baby talk evolved as well. Only it was now silly words and sayings that only the two of us will understand. As I was saying, today I realized just how many off the wall peices of jargon I have created. I love it though. I'm going to write down as many of them as I can remember, starting with today's.

Listed In This Order:
Jargon: Used In a Sentance - Actual Meaning

Super-Soaker: "You've got a super-soaker." - "You have an extremely wet diaper."

Lovely's: "Come here my lovely's." - "Come here my sweet boy."

Lovely Butt's





Pippings... stemming from my little Pip Squeak in NICU

Squiggs... stemming from my little Squiggles in NiCU

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