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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A little late for Halloween...

Since I am a complete procrastinator, and am always so busy, I am posting our 2nd Halloween experience with Joshua a little late (two and a half months late to be exact). Joshua's first Halloween in 2008 was a great time. He was a baby NASA Astronaut and was so cute. We had a Halloween party here at the house for the kids (Samantha, Rachel, Shyla, Sabrina... Tricia, Sarah, Steph and Mom & Dad came too). It was a lot of fun but Joshua was only one and he didn't understand what was going on. This Halloween, however, was a blast. Joshua was a trip! We dressed him as an Everlast Boxer with black eyes and band-aids and all. Since he was still so little we took him to Publix for trick or treating since they had been advertising a Monster Bash on Halloween night. Joshua walked in with his orange pumpkin candy bucket and went to town. He ran around the supermarket like he owned the place, lol. He had so much fun. We showed him one time how to lift his bucket up so the employees could put candy in it and he was a professional. He went around to each employee lifting his bucket for more candy. When we got home he even understood that there was candy in the pumpkin bucket that he could eat and he kept asking for "more". He was a riot. I think Halloween 2009 was the start of our feeling "normal" days, or as close normal as we can get. He is the sweetest thing! Pics and video to follow:

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