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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Helping himself...

Well, we have a Mr. Independent on our hands. Joshua loves the Disney Car's movie. He also loves to say water, only his pronunciation of the word sounds more like, "bla". In efforts to get him to drink enough fluids (hasn't been working out like we had hoped) we bought him a Lightning McQueen cup, which he loves! With his oral defensiveness and aspiration problems, he hasn't been able to take a sippy cup, straw or anything else similar. He can only drink from a normal cup. So this Cars cup is perfect for him. To my absolute surprise today, he managed to get his Cars cup, walk to the water cooler and fill his cup with unthickened water! I nearly died of shock, ha ha. I was amazed. It was great! The only downside is that he tried to drink it and started to choke a little.

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