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Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Ear Infection...

Monday, which was January, 11, 2010, we took Joshua to the doctor because he had another high fever. Doctor Fontana diagnosed him with his very first ear infection! My exclamation does not imply I am happy that he is sick. I am just thankful that God has kept Joshua so healthy since coming home from the hospital. He is nearly 3 years old and has only been sick 3-4 times, non of which were anything but minimal viral infections. This is actually his first illness that required medication post NICU. We are blessed! God is good and Joshua is His miracle. Joshua's fever broke right away after starting the antibiotic but he is still acting aggitated by both ears now and I suspect he is feeling a sore throat. We'll see how he handles this one. He has proven to be quite resilient to date!

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