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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Blast from the Past?

Weird thing happened... well, twice actually. The other day I had a picture of Joshua in the NICU up on my computer screen. Nick and I weren't really paying any attention to it and I'm not even sure why it was displaying. Anyway, we were going along with the day as usual, cleaning and what not, until Joshua stopped us in our tracks. He was standing there by the computer, looking at the picture and saying, "ouch". He kept repeating it over and over while he pointed except his pronunciation was more of an "auwwwa". Nick and I were shocked. We often wonder if he can remember being in the hospital, but it seems too unrealistic. However, this isn't the first time Joshua has done something like this. About 6 months ago, Joshua was jumping in his jumper while Nick and I were going through some camcorder videos. The tapes were mixed of footage from home and some footage from the NICU. As the tapes were playing out, Joshua would stop jumping and start crying when the footage from the NICU came on the television. We quickly caught on to this and thought it couldn't possibly be true that he remembered the NICU and was disturbed by it. But, we decided to experiment with the idea anyway and pay closer attention. We continued playing the tapes and when the NICU scenes came on he clearly started to cry. We would then quickly change the chapter to home footage and the crying stopped instantly. I believe we did this three or four times with the exact same result. I think I am pretty convinced that he can remember those tough days when he is reminded of them. I also believe this proves the magnificince and intelligence of the baby and toddler mind. And for that matter, it proves the viability of an unborn baby. If a baby's brain, at 26 weeks gestation, can create and retain memories from it's experiences, then there is no question in my adult mind that human life exists and is viable in the womb!

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