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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fireman in training...

Before I forget, I wanted to write down Joshua's latest entertainment. Last Christmas his Nannu & Nanna got him a Power Wheel fire truck. You have to push a little red button that is on the steering wheel and you can ride this thing anywhere. It lets you steer and all. Well, last year he wasn't developmentally coordinated to use it properly. But, just recently he has learned to push the button for long increments and he can even steer it where he wants it to go. For instance, Josh drives this thing through my kitchen, around my island, and then steers it through my living room and around my couch! It's nuts! When he gets stuck or runs into something, I taught him to get out and "pull his latter". The fire truck has a little yellow latter on the back and he can just pull it away enough to get back in and go again. It is so cool. The best part of it all is that we've been catching him standing up on the seat of the fire truck while he is pushing the button and steering it around the house! LOL. He is our carefree kid. No worries and no sense of what will hurt him. He is too cool :) I am dying to catch this on tape or picture.

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