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Friday, November 27, 2009

All Aboard...

Given the Holiday season, we pulled out the Tom Hanks version of The Polar Express on DVD. It quickly became Joshua's favorite thing to watch. Goodbye Imagination Movers and Shrek! He is facinated by it and usually asks to watch it at bedtime. It is so funny because he picked up a couple words just from watching this movie. He started saying, "All Aboard," all the time! It is so cute. He puts his hand up to his mouth and says it, as if he is the conductor shouting it. At first it was just the gesture that we responded too, but now the words are actually become very clear when he says them. This morning he was standing in the kitchen and I was sitting on the living room floor. I asked him if he wanted The Polar Express on. He then assured me with a loud and fully recognizable, "All Aboard." It was awesome! He would say it and then I would say it and we kept going back and forth like that. Every time I could perfectly understand him. I wish I could get this on film. I still need to upload Halloween pictures and I have some good footage of Joshua riding his fire truck. He is the Evil Knievel of Power Wheeling, lol. I'll be working on those.

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